Have Kids, They Said

A Revealing Tell-all to Pregnancy and Parenting

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Are you pregnant? Thinking of getting pregnant?

Are you skeptical that having children will be ‘the best thing that ever happened’ to you?

Do you want to know what it’s really like to have kids?

You are not alone! Before having kids, the moms you know will give you glowing reviews with the token phrases, “children are a blessing”, and “life would never be the same without them”. While this is true, you would be better served to get the low down on the dirty details instead.

Those ‘glowing’ reviews only talk about the highlights. No one talks about what it’s really like—how your boobs will leak when your milk comes in, that you’ll wear diapers home from the hospital, or that you might cry as much as—or more than—your baby. No one tells you how to navigate life with a tiny human while you’re getting little to no sleep. Those are the things you really need to know to be prepared about parenthood.

Do you want to know what pregnancy and parenting are actually like? Lucky for you, this book will tell it all!