fiddle fig plant on a plant stand near a gallery wall

Easy Houseplants | Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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We’ve recently uncluttered our entryway, leaving only a set of large vertical artwork. We enjoyed the freedom removing all the furniture from this spot brought, and felt it was the best place to put up some family pictures!

While I’m hit and miss when it come to a gallery wall, I do like a classic matchy-matchy, square frame set. There is one requirement. They must be paired with a plant to make it complete!

This Fiddle Leaf Fig is moved as a prop to see if I do actually want to place a plant in this corner of our home. Usually, it’s in the corner of our play room! It gets bright, indirect light here. It seems to enjoy this spot, as its been here for over a year, and grown at least 10-15 new leaves!

Do you have a Fiddle Leaf Fig? Do you want one? I’ve found they’re relatively easy to care for, despite the reputation they have.

How to care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Below is a rule of thumb that I’ve used for our Fiddle Fig! Similar rules will apply to you, though it may vary depending on placement in your home. This is usually most common with watering routines. Watering will always vary based on your home’s humidity and amount of light the plant gets to dry out its soil.

Scientific Name: Ficus Lyrata

Toxicity: Toxic to children and pets. The leaves of these plants contain calcium oxalate, which is harmful to small humans and pets.

Watering: Water every couple weeks, or longer in winter, until soil is dry a couple inches down or the water looks droopy. In the winter, try to mist the plant once a week or between waterings to help increase humidity. This will also clean off the leaves, and keep it looking fresh!

Light: Place near southern facing windows if you can, for steady sunlight all day long, but avoid direct sunlight.

Why do we like this plant? This plant has large, gorgeous foliage that looks good in any room, and can also add height to empty spaces!

Other care tips:

Keep your fiddle fig in a plastic container that you can remove from whatever pretty pot or basket you’re using. This will allow you to avoid root rot. I sit mine in the sink and water it completely, letting it sit for an hour or so to completely drain.

Fertilize! Mine started to get stunted last summer. After fertilizing, it has continued to grow new leaves! Typically only fertilize in spring and summer.

What questions do you have about caring for this plant? If you get one, where will you place it in your home?

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