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Easy Ways to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

Avoiding plastic might seem too hard in today’s world. I get it. It’s everywhere. Its also lightweight and convenient. Plastic was invented for a reason, after all—even if it wasn’t necessarily with the environment in mind.

Although companies might continue to use plastic items, consumers have the power to choose what products to buy, and which companies to support. Eventually, if enough consumers take action, companies will begin to make the changes that environmentally concerned consumers are requesting.

The question is, how? How can you demonstrate your concern for the amount of plastic in the environment, and available in today’s market?

The answer is simple—buy less plastic.

But, simple is not always easy. The ultimate goal for many in the ‘low waste community’ is to reduce waste completely. If we are honest with ourselves and our reality, we know that is not always an achievable—or sustainable—goal.

Zero waste is overwhelming, and no one sets themselves up for success without starting small.

These are easy, small changes to your daily habits and lifestyle that will help reduce single-use plastic!

Small ways to reduce single-use plastic

  1. Don’t use plastic water bottles at home.
  2. If you order food for delivery or take out at home or the office, ask them not to include plastic silverware.
  3. If you get fast food, don’t get a drink with it. (Bonus, the paper from fast food containers can be composted!)
  4. If you go work at Starbucks or another coffee shop, ask for your coffee ‘for here!’ Starbucks will serve your order in a reusable coffee mug.
  5. Skip plastic bags at the store if you only have a few items. Try to either carry them, or put them in your purse/bag if you have one.

Feel good with these small changes? Try some of these product replacements as well!

  1. Buy canned drinks instead of plastic bottle drinks.
  2. Purchase reusable silicon bags that will zip close and stay secure instead of disposable plastic bags. These are dishwasher safe and easy to clean! (Note: only purchase them if they’re in a local store like Target while running routine errands. Ordering these things online creates more emissions from shipping than it is usually worth.)
  3. Switch your laundry and dishwasher detergent to sustainable products like Dropps, who will deliver goods to you with carbon neutral shipping.
  4. Try reusable product bags when you go to the grocery store! Often times local health food stores will carry them. In Texas, Sprouts sells these near their produce section.

The idea of making small changes is to get your feet wet with a low waste lifestyle. It will help you begin to think about the decisions you make. Even if you don’t opt for low waste options all the time—keeping it in mind will help you make more conscious decisions, more often.

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